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Selection Process

The Selection Process

Whether building a home from the ground up or purchasing a property that is under construction, Tom French Construction will help you customize your dream home. The following is a guideline for changes and selections.

Many of the items in your new home are ordered well in advance of their installation.  To avoid extending the construction schedule and additional expense, we have identified change order/contract cut off points in the construction sequence.  By adhering to these key points, you can save time and money. Requests for changes, submitted after these points, will extend the schedule, as well as carry extra costs for re-stocking fees, construction loan interest, and re-work.  Often, they cannot be accepted under any circumstances. If you are considering changes, please discuss it with us immediately so that we can assist you in making a final decision as quickly as possible.

  • 1

    Foundation Changes

    Foundation changes need to be made during the engineering and permit phases. Adding an egress window or additional plumbing can be done after the foundation is in but at an additional cost.

  • 2

    Windows, Doors, Front Elevation

    Changes in windows, doors and minor front elevation items should be made at the foundation stage. These items are ordered during excavation for the foundation.

  • 3

    MEP Changes

    Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC changes need to be made during framing of the home. When the home is under roof, you will have an electrical walk through to mark additional locations.

  • 4

    Exterior, Cabinet, Appliance & Counter Top Selections

    When the home is completely framed and the roof is on and shingled, the exterior items are ordered, appliances are chosen, custom cabinets are ordered to accommodate the appliance openings and counter tops are chosen.

  • 5

    Interior Finish Selections

    Paint, stain, hardware, tile, carpet, plumbing fixtures & light fixtures need to be chosen, or changes made, by the drywall stage.

  • 6


    Landscaping design and plant selection need to be made by interior trim stage.

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