Design Center

Design Your Dream Home

All customers of Tom French Construction, Inc. benefit from the services of the Design Team.  Johanna Nemec and Gayle French work together to help clients coordinate their selections.  Johanna has over 20 years design experience. She has an extensive background in tile and color selection.  Gayle has worked on model and speculative homes from the initial design through the final selection process for over 30 years.

The construction process requires different levels of design assistance.  Townhome buyers who purchase during the early stages of construction are able to participate in the selection of interior materials including countertops, tile, plumbing, carpet, paint and lighting.  Villa buyers have the opportunity to make exterior selections in addition to a wider range of interior selection options.  

Tom French has always been known for providing the exceptional design-build support for his homebuyers.  Custom home buyers can be involved from the initial design concept and customize their entire selection process.  The Design Team is there to support and simplify the design process.  All of this is part of the overall satisfaction Tom French homebuyers have come to appreciate.

We look forward to meeting with you.  It is our goal to help you realize your dream home.